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Is your Website Optimized for Local Search in Toronto?

Your business would definitely want to expand beyond the physical geography of Toronto and Canada; but are you dominating the local space first? When prospects and customers in the Greater Toronto Area search online for your products or services, do they find you easily?

Search Engines use geographical tags to show locally optimized results on their result pages. Does your business figure in the top ranks of these search listings? Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can target geographic keyword combinations and use Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Local.com, Yelp and other key sources of local search to generate local SEO traffic.

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Influence Search Results to Get Local Traffic for Your Global Expertise

WSI Internet Marketing can assist you in creating a customer-centric online marketing campaign that nurtures the local market.

Our SEO experts will help continuously refine your strategy for local search in Toronto and Canada by:

  • Identifying your specific needs, understanding your business and marketing goals
  • Creating customized local Internet marketing strategies targeted to reach your goals
  • Creating content that specifically highlights your local services and products
  • Analyse the traffic statistics and conversion results to ensure that your website is targeting the local market specified by you
  • Optimize Google Places listings to increase traffic
  • Build quality back-links by submitting your site to local directories, Internet Yellow Pages, local search engines and Google webmaster’s tool

With its local experts at hand to guide your local search, WSI even has the ability to dove-tail innovative design development and local conversion strategies into your existing website architecture and design.

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